Central Committee Member

Republican Politics in San Diego County

The Republican Central Committee is the most influential Republican entity in San Diego County. It is the official leadership organization of the Republican Party in San Diego County.

The Republican Central Committee currently has 50 members. Republican Federal and State office holders are members of the central committee: Congressmen, State Assembly People and State Senators. Currently there are eight. The other 42 members are elected every 4 years, with 6 coming from each State Assembly District in San Diego County.

The 50 votes on this committee endorse Republican candidates.

This endorsement influences 494,013 Republican voters in San Diego County. (Total registered voters: 1.5 million)

The Committee has a $1,000,000.00 plus budget.

Most wealthy Republicans do not provide funds to a candidate that is not endorsed by these 50 people. These campaign donations from wealthy individuals play a big role in who gets elected.

These 50 people are the voice of the Republican Party in San Diego County. They have a lot of power and influence. The Republican endorsement also has influence with about ½ million independent voters and can be effective with Democrats who have conservative values and who feel disenfranchised by Democrat candidates.

The leadership of this Committee through the Committees social and fund raising events gets to know and to interact with many of the wealthiest people in San Diego County. No small plum for ambitious individuals. People fight for these volunteer positions.

Most voters have no idea that this Committee even exists.

This is the Committee that has the best chance of holding your elected representatives to the values that average Republicans believe their party fights to promote and protect. If you are not attempting to hold your 6 Republican Committee people to these values, you are losing the most effective means we have of keeping America the strongest, freest and most generous nation in history. Remember this quote, “All politics is local.”

Promoting our values is a team effort. We need to use our courage, our voices, our shoe leather, our money and/or our votes if we are to preserve the American Dream. We must pick our leaders carefully and when they don’t fight to preserve our values, it is time for you or someone you personally know to stand up and to take the reins of power and to restore the values that make America the best place to live in the World. This is a team effort. Do not expect our republic to survive if you sit on the side lines and do nothing.

The ball is in your court. It is up to you!

Lincoln Pickard - 619-575-0133 - Linc2000@msn.com

One of the members of your local Republican central committee is running for the State Assembly in District 80. If he doesn't knock on your door, you can meet him at the monthly Republican Central Committee meeting or at a local caucus meeting. All Republicans and conservatives are welcome at these meetings.

Here is a map of the State Assembly District #80. If you live in this district, Lincoln Pickard requests your vote for State Assembly in the Tuesday, June 7, 2016 primary election. You can help Make California Great Again by visiting his website and letting him know how you would like to volunteer. Please donate at least $1.00 or $2.00 via PayPal (PayPal account not needed) to the campaign. Thank you.

Check the Republican website for the central committee meeting information under "Events".

Caucus Meeting Location:
Leal Real Estate Offices
347 1/2 Third Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Date: The Thursday before the 2nd Monday of the Month.
Join this Meetup group to get notified of these meetings and other local Republican activities.

Time: 7:00 PM

Upstairs and across from Fuddruckers.
Parking in the front on the street and in the back public parking lot. Free parking after 6:00 PM.

The Eagle Forum founded by Phyllis Schlafly has a lot to say about County Central Committees.

How did Phyllis Schlafly get started on a political career?

Central Committees are created by state law. Division 7 of the Election Code has the rules and regulations.

Here is a brief easy description of what a county central committee is and does.

Democrats may want to start investigating who is running their local party. Average Democrats should attend an occassional local meeting to see who is advising them on how to vote.